AquaSure: Improving resilience and sustainability of small aquaculture farmers

The project aims to develop an affordable water filtration system for the removal of solid waste in the fish ponds, and tailor-made for inland small to medium sized rainbow trout farmers operating in open flow systems continuously.
Small-scale proof of concept unit of AquaSure® system is being demonstrated onsite in a fish farm in the Cauca Valley (Colombia) to finally deliver a system that solves the filtration needs of small-medium farmers.
AquaSure® is conceptually based on Filtration Drums,and will be modular to reduce initial CAPEX, linking the system with production capacity,and reduce OPEX by working in a self-adaptative mode. It will allow farmers acquiring the technology in line with their investment capacity and production requirements.

Smart Solar Modular Container [SunBow] – Modular Plug&Play Solar Photovoltaic Containerized Solution with built-in intelligence and self-learning capabilities for an optimized implementation.

SunBow is a modular,containerized and local manufactured PV solar solution with built-in intelligence and self-learning capabilities that is easy to transport, install,setup and use which has been identified as a potential solution to provide energy access and promote energy self-consumption in contexts with low electrification rate or with limited electricity quality of supply,such as Ghana.
Our project aims to implement frugal innovation by offering electricity at lower cost than the electricity from the main grid,from diesel generators or even traditional solar containerized solutions that are not optimized and adjusted to real needs.Reduced investment costs will be achieved by having an optimized and locally made solution;lower operation costs are expected by developing local capacity. Resulting in lower electricity costs, making energy access affordable.