INNOWWIDE is launching a call for experts with relevant expertise in areas such as technology and innovation transfer, market research, internationalization and accessing new markets.

The functioning of INNOWWIDE is entirely dependent on the evaluations performed by our individual experts. Experts use their skills and knowledge within their field of expertise to provide objective assessments. They ensure that only the best ideas have the opportunity to receive public funding.
All individuals with at least five years of experience in some of the following areas:
  1. Co-creation and technology uptake facilitation (innovation and technology transfer services):
    • Definition of a joint R&D project for co-creation or technology adaptation with a local subcontractor or other local partner(s)
    • Analysis of the IP environment
    • Technology scouting and novelty verification, technology valuation, technology legal situation analysis, technology protection & valorisation strategy design
  2. Market prospection and research experience
    • Accessing new markets, internationalization of SMEs, improving SME competitiveness, improvement of investment readiness – coaching, mentoring…
    • Administrative and legal business environment, administrative and legal FTO/due diligence verification, business analysis & planning, new business opportunities, strategic and project management
    • Brand engagement and positioning, concept development, trend watching, customer insight, user experience, product innovation, message development
    • Competition analysis, observational studies, risk analysis, segmentation study, case studies, focus groups, in-depth interviews, experimental studies, survey design
Please note that the work is performed entirely in English, hence the experts should be able to communicate and write effectively in English.

The evaluation process will start in early June 2019 with a total duration of 7 weeks.

  • First stage: 10th June 2019 – 28th June 2019
  • Second stage: 1st July – 19th July 2019

INNOWWIDE uses a two-step procedure to evaluate submitted application. During the first stage, two independent experts remotely evaluate the proposals following the INNOWWIDE criteria.

Proposals with equal scores close to the funding limit (as defined by the ranking list) proceed to the Review panel composed of two experts tasked with determining the final ranking position of these applications. Experts for the Review panel are selected from the pool of independent experts eligible for the first stage.

The experts for evaluating VAPs will be selected from EUREKA’s Expert database.

Are you already registered in the database and want to participate? Here are the next steps:

  • Make sure your profile is up to date before June 2019. You can access your profile with the following link:
  • You will be able to confirm your availability via email you will receive from EUREKA in April or May 2019
  • Selection and assignment of experts in early June 2019
  • First stage evaluation starts mid-June 2019
  • Second stage evaluation will take place in July 2019

Applications for experts are open.
Apply here: