The INNOWWIDE project has four main objectives, as explained below:

  1. To select 120 SMEs to lead Viability Assessment Projects (VAPs) with a funding of 60 k€ /VAP in order to validate the practical, technological and commercial viability of international, cross-fertilized, innovative businesses solutions along emerging global value chains.
  2. To make a multilevel impact assessment of the supported VAPs from a European and third-country perspective:
    1. At VAP level (beneficiaries and third country counterparts): Projected comparison with Business as Usual. Economic aspects will be evaluated from a quantitative point of view (ex-post) while social, strategic, management and network aspects will be analysed from a qualitative point of view;
    2. At call level (funding agencies, EC): call response, implementation, suitability, patterns, best practices, framework conditions etc. Aggregated (country, country group, global level) efficacy and efficiency of the instrument and analysis and evaluation of the more macroeconomic outputs of INNOWWIDE project
  3. To deliver policy recommendations to the EC and other relevant bodies. They will be focused on recommendations in terms of instrument efficacy and efficiency, joint R&I activities to be supported in third countries and other relevant aspects for European SMEs approaching international markets. These recommendations will bring valuable information that could be used by the European Commission in the shape of dedicated-schemes within the next Framework Programme
  4. To conduct communication, dissemination and exploitation activities to enhance project impact by:
    1. promoting the calls and mobilising applicant SMEs and third country stakeholders to ensure that a high quality, relevant number of proposals is received;
    2. spreading project results to different audiences and defining a follow-up set of actions to be conducted after project completion

Innowwide calls

  1. INNOWWIDE will open two calls that will allow European SMEs to conduct Viability Assessment Projects (VAPs) in markets outside of Europe.
  2. 120 SMEs will be selected to lead the VAPs with a funding of 60 k€ /VAP. Companies will have a chance of applying in the project’s two different calls.
  3. The second call will be launched on 15th of January 2020!
  4. Get to know all the details about the calls – who can apply, which activities can be funded, and more – here.