MAINstreaming the next GREYwater recycling technology generation

The greywater recycling system is as the name suggests our new developed system to recycle greywater into industrial water.

Developed by:


Where did the project idea come from?

The idea for this project came from INTEWA.

Why did you select that specific target country?

At the moment we see the best potential for our technology in the US market.

Who are your partners in the target country?

Ecovie is a new potential distributor for INTEWA in the USA.

What is your long term vision for your company working in your chosen partner country?

INTEWA wants to take first steps of a commercialisation of their products in the US market.

What impact do you believe INNOWWIDE will have on your company?

There are two impacts to be said: First growing business in the target market and second learning about exploring a new market.

Can you offer any advice or guidance to others looking to apply for INNOWWIDE grants?

Value should be placed on a well thought-out proposal with a clear objective.

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