ChainGO Freight is a platform to manage all the information and documentation flows related to logistics processes.

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Where did the project idea come from?

We started the project as an academical project at IE Business School. Since then we have been working in different projects with clients in Spain.

Why did you select that specific target country?

We selected Uruguay based on their relevance as port of origin or destination in South America. Uruguay is a progressive country with openness to implement innovative technologies like Blockchain applications.

Who are your partners in the target country?

CPA Ferrere is a well-known consulting firm with relevant experience in Uruguay and other south american destinations. They are a potentially great entrance to the region thanks to this and their experience with various large scale corporations with influence to move projects forward.

What is your long term vision for your company working in your chosen partner country?

CPA Ferrere is a potential great entrance to south america thanks to their experience with different big corporations.

What impact do you believe INNOWWIDE will have on your company?

INNOWWIDE has been the perfect motivator to open up our company to this opportunity and start working actively in the South American market.

Can you offer any advice or guidance to others looking to apply for INNOWWIDE grants?

INNOWWIDE represents a great opportunity to study and develop a strategy to open to a new market with the cooperation of a local company. Eventually we will implement the actions identified with a proven structure and a developed expansion plan. This is a great chance to try things that usually take significant development time for Startups and SMEs.

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