AquaSource: Plant “Diapers” for Jordan

AquaSource is an innovative award-winning solution developed by Ecotechology LLC. When applied to the soil, AquaSource, due to the polymer structure of its molecule, can retain water and release it to the plant in the quantities it needs. It prevents leaching and runoff, thus, increases efficiency and effectiveness of irrigation. Experiments have indicated that application of the absorbent can reduce irrigation frequency (by up to 60%), save on fertilizer application (by 40%) increase crop productivity (by up to 50%) and induce earliness in crops (by up to 15 days).

Developed by:

Ecotechnology LLC

Where did the project idea come from?

After successful deployment of AquaSource in the home market, Ecotechnology LLC has adopted the strategy of taking its product to the areas notable for water scarcity. As such the MENA region is prioritized by the company as an export destination. In 2017 AquaSource entered Egyptian market, legal compliance checks are currently underway in Morocco and Yemen. Jordan, as the third most water deprived country in the world was also in the priority list of Ecotechnology and the company was vigilant for opportunities to enter the market.

Why did you select that specific target country?

Jordan is the third country in the world with the lowest level of per capita water resource availability. It is further exacerbated by high population growth rate, several fluxes of refugees, low level of economic development, frequent droughts and climate change perspective. The company believes that AquaSource will help to mitigate consequences of drought, offer cost-effective and easy-to use solution to support farmers in agricultural production.

Who are your partners in the target country?

Department of Land Management and Environment, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment of Hashemite University is the main subcontractor. It is involved in activities requiring in-country presence, knowledge of the local environment and contacts among key project stakeholders. The list includes:
– Joint R&D activities with Armenian counterpart for technology adaptation;
– Certification and homologation compliance verification;
– Small-scale proof of concept awareness project.
The local subcontractor will also provide support in market research activities, by contributing its resources and extensive network of contacts whenever required.

What is your long term vision for your company working in your chosen partner country?

Now, as we have finalized the market research phase, it is my strong belief that Aquasource has a huge potential in Jordanian market. If the field trials are successful, the volumes of sales might outperform current production volumes.

What impact do you believe INNOWWIDE will have on your company?

I hope the sales volumes will gradually go up triggering increases in the production volumes too.

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