IrriWatch India Viability Assessment Project

What is the product/service about?

The product/service is about making the IrriWatch technology available for smallholder farmers in India, through integration with local ag-tech delivery platforms, including mobile application.

Developed by:

IrriWatch B.V.

Where did the project idea come from?

Brainstorming with our local partner WRMS

Why did you select that specific target country?

India has about 120 million smallholders, only few of which have acess to precision information for supporting crop production and resource efficiency, with huge potential for scaling. The low-cost tech of IrriWatch is an appropriate and affordable solution, compared to high cost physical soil moisture sensors. Also, India has a sophistacted IT sector that can support the integration of IrriWatch onto local delivery platforms.

Who are your partners in the target country?

Weather Risk Management Services Pvt Ltd is a local ag-tech company with a propriety farmer services and information platform called SecuFarm. They did not have any reliable service related to precision irrigation advisory, and have immediately appreciated the opportunity to partner with IrriWatch.

What is your long term vision for your company working in your chosen partner country?

To become the standard methodology for daily precision irrigation advisory in India.

What impact do you believe INNOWWIDE will have on your company?

Providing a credible and rigorous opportunity to integrate and validate the technology in one of the most important water resources and smallholder farmers markets in the world.

Can you offer any advice or guidance to others looking to apply for INNOWWIDE grants?

It takes a little effort to complete and compete during the application stage, but once approved the process is rather efficient.

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