HERMES is an intelligent management and analysis platform for the Smart Grid. HERMES has set a new cutting-edge technology standpoint building on Al algorithms to ensure Energy Efficiency Management and Anti-Fraud while also providing Big Data-enhanced Energy Policy Management, harnessing Smart Grid interoperability and governance.


The product is an all-in-one platform for radiology,capable of extracting massive amounts of quantitative data from the images. The data is integrated in the radiology report of the future, comparing the imaging biomarkers (variables measured in the images) with normative data, similarly to a blood
test report, but obtained from imaging.
In the case of prostate, the product will improve through lnnowide project support, it offers a virtual biopsy of the prostate by the multi-parametri c MRI analysis. The product is offered as a service. As of today it is cleared by FDA as a PACS device but not as a Computer Aided Detection tool (CAD). Our plan is to gather biopsy-proven information from to clear it as a CAD as well thanks to innowide project.


Turning each light point into a 6G micro-cell to be utilized by mobile operators in order to resolve all the issues affecting 5G, including limited capacity,cost, high energy requirements and electromagnetic waves health hazard. In the process, Ledcom has been develping the most energy efficient LED driver,a fundamental step toward the 6GMC project.