2020-1358 – SolarSteam-CL

The Fresnel direct steam solution offers a decentralized renewable source of process heat below 400 °C to industrial end-users which reduces their energy costs (e.g. around 10% per unit) and carbon emissions significantly (95% per unit of energy). Besides, under a Heat Purchase Agreement – HPA, industrial end-users overcome major financial risks as the thermal plant is owned and managed by ESCOs and the energy prices are guaranteed upon pre-defined contracts.


The product is an all-in-one platform for radiology,capable of extracting massive amounts of quantitative data from the images. The data is integrated in the radiology report of the future, comparing the imaging biomarkers (variables measured in the images) with normative data, similarly to a blood
test report, but obtained from imaging.
In the case of prostate, the product will improve through lnnowide project support, it offers a virtual biopsy of the prostate by the multi-parametri c MRI analysis. The product is offered as a service. As of today it is cleared by FDA as a PACS device but not as a Computer Aided Detection tool (CAD). Our plan is to gather biopsy-proven information from to clear it as a CAD as well thanks to innowide project.

Sustainable feed for shrimp aquaculture in Indonesia

The main aim of this VAP project is to support LSAqua in the market uptake of their shrimp feed products in the third-largest shrimp aquaculture producer in the world, Indonesia, with a global market share of 12%. The innovative approach of our company, has several benefits not only for the farmers (better performance regarding costs, survival rates and farming efficiency) but also for the environment (less wild-fish captures to produce fishmeal) and the local society (locally sourced diets that imply more local jobs). During the VAP project work plan, we will build a partnership with the strategic subcontractor Nutricell, a well-positioned producer of nutritional products for aquaculture and livestock which commercializes all over the country.