Extended application of virtual reality to the aeronautics industry: Feasibility of Software for ENhanced Simulation Experience (F-SENSE)

Our technology allows users to know, in detail, the seat they are going to choose on an airline during a booking, manage your booking or check-in process. By providing the best possible information to the user, we help people to better select their seat, avoid seat selection complaints, and help airlines to more easily sell special seats and premium classes, with increased conversions and revenue.
This, all in all, results in optimal aircraft occupancy, and even translates into savings in boarding times, travellers flying with more confidence as they know the interior of the aircraft they are on, the services available on board, etc.
Now, with INNOWWIDE, we have analysed the feasibility of introducing a number of new, ground-breaking features that will take the user experience to a new level of interactivity and immersion.


fo?recast is a deep-tech forest intelligence solution designed to offer accurate + updated forest inventories in a multi-purpose platform. It provides real-time Earth Observation geo-information products by leveraging and integrating data from satellite, airborne LiDAR, aerial orthoimages and ground plot sampling to create advanced algorithms for unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and high resolution to forest assets across different ecosystem services. förecast supports forest users’ decision-making relative to multiple forest characteristics. Users include forest owners and managers, and wood and pulp&paper industries.

The VAP seeks to adapt this product from its initial scope in Spain to the Mexican market, proposing an innovative business solution for a sector with a great potential in the target third country, where the market size and the technology gap allow a successful entry and a future business opportunity. There is no evidence of solutions such as förecast in the target market

Solar Dew Australia

SolarDew has developed a novel solar water purification technology for families and communities in areas affected by water scarcity. SolarDew’s products can be rapidly deployed as a compact, inflatable product after a natural disaster or as a permanent source of drinking water for households and communities. With these products, people can directly purify their local ground water, at the point of use, thus becoming more independent and healthier, whilst saving time and money.

AquaSure: Improving resilience and sustainability of small aquaculture farmers

The project aims to develop an affordable water filtration system for the removal of solid waste in the fish ponds, and tailor-made for inland small to medium sized rainbow trout farmers operating in open flow systems continuously.
Small-scale proof of concept unit of AquaSure® system is being demonstrated onsite in a fish farm in the Cauca Valley (Colombia) to finally deliver a system that solves the filtration needs of small-medium farmers.
AquaSure® is conceptually based on Filtration Drums,and will be modular to reduce initial CAPEX, linking the system with production capacity,and reduce OPEX by working in a self-adaptative mode. It will allow farmers acquiring the technology in line with their investment capacity and production requirements.