Webinar: INNOWWIDE 2nd VAP Call and how to connect to the Chinese market

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INNOWWIDE, in partnership with the ENRICH in China Centre ( ), is organizing a webinar, taking place on February 10th at 11:00am CET, that will provide practical information for SMEs in Europe and in China, and about the 2nd INNOWWIDE VAP (Viability Assessment Project) call, which opened on January 15th 2020.

Participants will learn about the scope of the INNOWWIDE VAP Calls and how to apply for it. This webinar will also provide an opportunity for European SMEs to find ways to connect with Chinese counterparts that can be included as subcontractors on their VAP applications.

Tentative Agenda (CET  timezone):

  • Introduction to the INNOWWIDE project
  • 2nd Call for VAPs – How to Apply
  • ENRICH in China – a platform to support finding your Chinese partner

Webinar: INNOWWIDE 2nd VAP Call Info – spoken in German!

INNOWWIDE is organizing its first German-language webinar for SMEs and Start-Ups for all German-speaking countries on February 12th, 2020 at 10:00 CET to inform them about the upcoming second call for INNOWWIDE project proposals.

The INNOWWIDE project offers a total funding volume of 7.2 mio. € for internationalisation projects of innovative, European SMEs and start-ups across all industries to bring them to the top of international markets. The project funds Viability Assessment Projects (VAPs), which serve to analyse the feasibility of internationalisation and local product adaptation for market entry in the respective target country, which must be carried out in conjunction with a local partner. Each VAP project is funded with a fixed grant of 60.000€ (with a minimum project amount of 86.000€).

During the first call in spring 2019, a total of 50 applications were approved from over 400 submitted project applications. In the forthcoming second call for VAP project applications from 15th January to 31th March 2020, a further 70 VAP project applications will be eligible for funding. The webinar will provide you with important information on the funding conditions and the application submission process.

The webinar is organized by the INNOWWIDE partners DLR German Aerospace Center, FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency and Steinbeis 2i GmbH.

Register right here and inform yourself about the INNOWWIDE funding for your internationalization project:

2nd call launch

2nd VAP Call is Open!

The INNOWWIDE 2nd Call for applications for the VAPs – Viability Assessment Projects – just opened on January 15th.

You will be able to submit your application until March 31st in the following portal:

The budget available for the 2nd Call is €4.2M (to be divided approximately one third per target country group).

Each approved VAP will receive a fixed grant amount of €60,000, representing a maximum of 70% of total eligible costs (staff, consumables, equipment, subcontracting, others) which must be a minimum of €86,000.

If you are an innovative SME with the ambition to develop a new and innovative product-market combination (or process or service) with a strategic counterpart outside Europe; or if you need to first check the technical, commercial, legal and socio-economic feasibility of your innovative idea, the VAP instrument supported by the INNOWWIDE CSA can be the solution!

If you want to know more about the process before applying, you can refer to the “VAP Application and Guidelines” page on the INNOWWIDE website, here:


‘Get Ready for Japan’ Mission by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation is organising a 2-week mission to Japan to get an in-depth understanding of how to do business in the country. It offers EU managers the unique opportunity to experience and understand both the cultural and economic elements which define and explain Japan’s business and technological achievements. Continuously improved to meet the latest expectations about business in Japan, the Get Ready for Japan provides EU businessmen with a professional Japan-related expertise.

The purpose of the mission in Japan is:

– to acquire a broad understanding of the Japanese business environment, business practices and Japanese-style personal communications in order to find ways to do successful business through a partner relationship;
– to become aware of the decision-making process inside Japanese companies and therefore gain a better understanding of their negotiation style and hierarchy;
– to give the opportunity to reinforce relationships with current Japanese customers and facilitate contacts with future ones.

The participants in this programme can be Start-Up’s or SME’s that are already working or intend to develop their business relations with Japan. The eligibility criteria and the selection process can be analysed on the mission’s website page.

All information is available here:


INNOWWIDE Second Call Preannouncement

INNOWWIDE Call 2 for Viability Assessment Projects – VAPs (approx. 4,2 M€ budget) to be launched mid-end January 2020, closing date 31st March!

Minor updates, clarifications and improvements will be introduced to the call documents. In the meantime, start looking for your third country local subcontractors! Stay tuned for more information on!


INNOWWIDE presented at MedaWeek Barcelona

CTA (INNOWWIDE project partner), represent by their Communication Officer Marisol Castro, participated on November 20th 2019 in the New Africa Business Development Forum framed in the International Congress MedaWeek Barcelona 2019, to present the INNOWWIDE second call for projects, that will be launched in the beginning of 2020.

The congress has taken place at the Casa Llotja de Mar in Barcelona and has been organised by the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME).

The INNOWWIDE project will open a new call for Viability Assesment Projects (VAPs) in the first quarter of next year, aimed at European SMEs interested in developing new  and innovative business based on technological cooperation in markets outside the European Union (EU). The second call has a budget of 4.2 million euros and will finance 70 innovative SMEs, with a flat-rate aid of 60,000 euros per VAP.

The MedaWeek Barcelona (Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders) is nowadays an iconic conference dedicated to promoting the Mediterranean region worldwide. This event endorsed the key economic sectors and the cultural values of the region through a wide variety of forums.


INNOWWIDE CALL 1: The 50 winners of the 1st Call for VAPs have been selected for a total of €3m in EU funding

50 Viability Assessment Projects (VAPs) have been selected for funding in INNOWWIDE’s 1st Call for VAPs, from a total of 379 applications.

Each six-month project will receive €60,000 in funding for innovative collaborations between SMEs from EU and associated countries alongside local partners in target countries.

The target country with highest number of grants awarded was the USA, with 13 of the 50 funded VAPs. Besides the USA, awards were spread among 21 countries worldwide, from every continent. The home country with the highest number of granted VAPs was Spain, a total of 20 project applicants.

Regarding the target countries’ categories, there was a balanced distribution between developed countries and developing countries, with 19 projects awarded to each category. The remaining 12 projects will take place in the group of emerging economies.

The majority of the projects that succeeded were focused on developing technologies in the area of electronics, IT and telecoms. In relation to market sectors, Energy, Agriculture and Environment will see the most VAPs from this call.

A list with the granted projects from the 1st VAP Call will soon be shared in the project website for consultation.

The 2nd INNOWWIDE call will aim to fund 70 projects, with a total of €4.2m in EU funding. To keep up to date on the opening of the next call (early 2020), subscribe to the INNOWWIDE newsletter at

ABOUT INNOWWIDE: This EU Horizon 2020 pilot programme is bringing innovative European SMEs to the forefront of international markets, providing financial support for viability assessments in cooperation with stakeholders outside of Europe. INNOWWIDE creates the conditions to increase uptake of European innovative solutions outside of Europe. The two INNOWWIDE calls have a combined budget of 7.2 million EUR, which translates into 120 viability assessments at 60 000 EUR each. INNOWWIDE targets markets in developing countries; large emerging economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico) and developed countries.


INNOWWIDE interview to “CyberForum”

Faith Blakemore, from Steinbeis (INNOWWIDE project partner), gave a short interview to CyberForum, a non-profit organization that supports businesses from the IT and high-tech industry, located in Karlsruhe, Germany.

In this video, you can get to know more about the INNOWWIDE project and how the process of application to the VAPs works.


INNOWWIDE Infoday: Should I internationalise? And how?

Internationalisation can be a daunting thought for any company, especially SMEs and startups. Which markets should I target? What are the implications for my company? Who can help me?

With the rise of digitalisation and disruptive technologies, internationalisation is becoming more important than ever to ensure long-term commercial success. But does this step have to be the formidable monster it appears to be? For those companies who wish to build a pathway to international success, surrounding yourself with the right support and advice is crutial.

This INNOWWIDE Infoday will provide insights, advice, guidance and tips from experienced professionals to help you make that all important step.

The event is organised by Steinbeis 2i GmbH, project partner in INNOWWIDE, that will be represented with a stand as well as in the presentation programme.

The participation to this event is free of charge. The event will be held in English and German at IHK Karlsruhe, in Karlsruhe, Germany.

See the agenda and register now!