AquaSource: Plant “Diapers” for Jordan

AquaSource is an innovative award-winning solution developed by Ecotechology LLC. When applied to the soil, AquaSource, due to the polymer structure of its molecule, can retain water and release it to the plant in the quantities it needs. It prevents leaching and runoff, thus, increases efficiency and effectiveness of irrigation. Experiments have indicated that application of the absorbent can reduce irrigation frequency (by up to 60%), save on fertilizer application (by 40%) increase crop productivity (by up to 50%) and induce earliness in crops (by up to 15 days).


Rapid diagnostic tools aimed at the diagnosis of bacterial infections, especially for rural areas.


The objective of this project is to validate the applicability and to assess the user’s interest developed for an Earth Observation based service, locally available, allowing to assess the burnt area extent and the vegetation recovering over these burnt areas.